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Ongoing Mattress Sale for Sweet Dreams and Awesome Savings!

Come to Ivan Smith Furniture’s never-ending mattress sale to upgrade affordably. Besides giving your finances a break, your LIFE depends on it! The doctors tell you that 7-9 hours of true sleep are vital to renew your mind and body. That’s not only so you’ll remain at peak performance tomorrow but to add years to your life. At our mattress sale, Ivan Smith takes this commitment to your well-being seriously by keeping your favorite brands in stock and always available on order.

Your Favorite Queen Mattress for Your Best Night’s Rest

Ark-La-Tex homes LOVE queen mattresses, an ideal size for one to stretch or two to snuggle. Check out our endless mattress sale’s vast choice of supportive but cloudlike soft selections in this category. For example, one of our best-selling queens is a hybrid plush from a world-famous brand. The secret underneath this queen mattress’s breathable fabric is ingenious engineering, literally half space-age memory foam and half modern pocketed-coil springs. This setup guarantees your tired body gets TOTAL support no matter where on your mattress you lie or roll! The layers of support foam shape themselves exactly to your body’s contours. Also, this foam cuts down drastically on motion disturbance so both you and a significant other can get the deep, dream-inducing sleep you need every night to recharge.

Stretch Out on a King Mattress for Uninterrupted Deep Sleep

A stately king mattress from Ivan Smith is your ready-made answer If you need MORE room to truly relax! One of our personal favorite kings is both hypoallergenic and employs its brand’s unique cooling system, perfect for “hot sleepers” searching for their smoothest mattress “ride.” This mattress is actually twice as cool to the touch than normal. A tough foam core does this king mattress’s heavy lifting, taking over from your sore muscles to hold your body. Not only that, but this mattress boasts 20% more pocketed-coil springs right in the center where you most need them.

Our ongoing mattress sale, on NOW at our Alexandria, LA store and other Ark-La-Tex locations, gets you your deep sleep nightly no matter your sleeping style, back, side, or stomach, or your partner’s preferences. And you can dream of all the cool stuff you’ll get from the massive savings!

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